It can be difficult to tell your personal story to a stranger. Finding the right therapist can make this easier. Dr. Nerina Garcia-Arcement is empathic, approachable and supportive.


Dr. Garcia and I worked together at Bellevue Hospital and co-lead a psychotherapy group together. She was empathic and caring about clients, while also investing fully in every group member and always encouraging clients towards wellness. She did not give up on anyone and would help clients discuss difficult issues, providing understanding and support. She is clearly a skilled and knowledgeable CBT clinician who keeps up with research. She also applies psychodynamic principles to help further her clients’ development and achievement of their therapeutic goals. Dr. Garcia has an easy sense of humor which her clients appreciate and which comes from years of experience and confidence in her abilities as a therapist. I enjoyed very much working with Dr. Garcia.
— Candela Bonaccorso, PsyD colleague

Nerina is a consistently caring, responsive, ethical and professional clinician, beloved and respected by her clients for her authenticity and whole-hearted dedication to supporting their well-being. As a co-worker, she is a pleasure to work with, as much for her dependability as for her clinical insights and skills. She has the qualities of a true leader — including strength and flexibility — and a broad vision that encompasses both the practical and the ideal in every project she pursues.
— Alicia Munoz, LMHC colleague

Dr. Nerina Garcia-Arcement is a colleague of mine with whom I have collaborated on running a support group for new mothers in the Williamsburg/NorthSide area. In working with Dr. Garcia-Arcement, I have found her to be compassionate, intelligent and spot-on in terms of moments when intervention is needed, as well as her choice of interventions to use. She’s a great clinician, and I urge anyone considering entering therapy to use her!
— Lauren Urban, LMSW colleague

Dr. Garcia is a fabulous clinical supervisor. She has wonderful experience and knowledge and has helped me look at my own clients’ challenging problems from a new perspective on many occasions. She truly cares about her clients, supervisees, and peers, which is evident through the time and caring she offers each. She also has the ability to identify “what’s missing” when addressing a problem, which can be a critical factor in a tough case!
— Lauren S., Psychology Extern and Supervisee

Being supervised by Dr. Garcia during my training as a therapist at Bellevue Hospital was my favorite part of the week. For an hour in her office I had a chance to think, to laugh, to cry, to share my goals, and learn about myself. I felt supported and understood. In her warm, empathic way, she challenged me to grow as a clinician. Not only did I benefit from our sessions, but my clients did, too. I imagine this is what it must be like to see Dr. Garcia for therapy. It is an experience I continue to carry with me in my career and my life.
— Laura P., Psychology Extern and Supervisee

For over three years I had the privilege of working under the supervision of Nerina Garcia, PhD at the World Trade Center Clinic at Bellevue Hospital Center.

Dr. Garcia is a kind, intelligent and compassionate therapist and supervisor. As a teacher, Dr. Garcia would always take the time not only to review the patients’ cases, but she would also take the time to review how I was feeling/reacting towards the case we were discussing. Dr. Garcia is a patient and generous teacher, and is willing to share her vast knowledge with care and empathy.

Dr. Garcia is an incredibly warm, insightful and smart therapist and woman, and she helps her patients and guides her students in such a graceful manner. I consider myself to be extremely lucky for having had Dr. Garcia as a supervisor, but overall, as a mentor, both professionally and personally. I am inspired by Dr. Garcia’s sense of compassion, her work ethic, respect for others, warmth, and always knowing how to best help each and everyone.
— Carla S., Supervisee

Dr. Garcia was my supervisor at Bellevue Hospital. I can not say enough about how much I have grown both personally and professionally because of my experience with her. I was excited to meet with her for supervision every week. Her empathic, genuine, and warm demeanor facilitated a safe and respectful space for me to explore my therapeutic style. She values taking both the clinician’s and client’s cultural context into serious account when understanding therapist-client dynamics. Dr. Garcia was also open to exploring the supervisor and supervisee relationship and challenged me to meet my professional goals. She empowered me to continue to develop my own professional voice; particularly, when advocating for my clients. Her support and guidance is with me and inspires me to be the clinician I am today. I will always be grateful for this experience with her.
— Cristina D., Psychology Extern & Supervisee

I have known Nerina for over ten years and worked with her in a variety of capacities. She has always demonstrated a unique combination of genuine care, great insight and enthusiasm to help others. Nerina has the ability to be empathetic, non-judgmental and sensitive to multi-cultural issues. These traits partnered with her execution of her therapeutic training create a mixture for success. Nerina is exceptional at all of her roles.
— Ecenia C., Supervisee

Nerina was an invaluable resource as I began my practice in helping me with concrete practice building, marketing, and clinical practicalities. It is clear Nerina enjoys seeing other therapists succeed and is eager to help other private practitioners find success. Much is said about new media and new ways of reaching potential clients and I found Nerina’s advice to be superior to books and workshops on the same topic. Additionally, Nerina’s advice was always professionally and ethically sound and reflected genuine care. I credit her as a partner in my success and will always be grateful for her helping me navigate the early stages of building my practice.
— Rebecca Rawczak, LCSW

Anonymous Responses from Attendees of the Quiet the Mind Seminar

“I feel that an overview of everything was helpful- I know I need to practice more!”
“The realization that this is doable [was helpful] and important to practice.”
“Information and demeanor of the presenter. Great mixture of theory and practical application.”
“Reminded me of how easy and quick it is to release stress at work.”
“Relaxation techniques [were] explained in a very easy to understand manner. Instructor made the presentation very enjoyable.”
“Knowledge of stress and why it is caused [was helpful]. Relaxation exercises as well.”
“Made me very aware of how tense I hold my body.”
“Recognizing that I am definitely stressed [was helpful]. I thought it was great. I wish we could de-stress sessions every week!!”

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